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Norm Kaz's 1/3 scale Fokker DVII with smoke on at the 2010 Ohio Dawn Patrol

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Fellow Enthusiast,

Are you looking for a place to fly your WW1 airplanes? 

Apparently early bird and WWI enthusiasts are allotted in quantities of 2 or 3 
persons per club .... or so it seems.  Wouldn't it be great to get  together a 
couple of times a year and savor a whole model airfield full of fabric covered 
wings, flying wires and round engines!  Early birds and the "Dawn Patrol"  
scale models in exactly the way the designers had intended. 
" Mission
Oriented Flying"
at its best. Those magnificent men and their flying machines!  

The goal of R/C Dawn Patrol is to organize the interest in Vintage and WW1 
aircraft and "Mission Oriented Flying", and direct that interest toward the Dawn Patrol events which have sprung up in our region of the country.

The Hoosier Dawn Patrol began as a small fly-in in 2004 CDd by Steve Percifield and has since been massaged by him and his loyal side kick, Matt Kemp, into a premier flying event. Held at the National Flying Site in Muncie Indiana since 2006. It is held usually in mid August.

The Ohio Dawn Patrol began in 2008, influenced heavily by the Hoosier Dawn Patrol and the Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous.   It is located in Harrison Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati.  It is held in mid to late July.

The GWA Dawn Patrol Rendezvous has been running since 1996 and not only includes model flying but full and near full scale replicas, period autos,  re-enactors and numerous period displays.  It is held bi-annually on odd numbered years at the National Museum Of The United States Air force in Dayton Ohio, usually in late September.

The Western Front Dawn Patrol is held in Council Bluffs, Iowa and began in 2007.  Dean Dingman is the ramrod for that event.  His local club, the RC Cobras, lends first class assistance.  Their event is held in mid September.

The Southern Dawn Patrol was begun in 2008 by Dale Cavin.  It is held in Andersonville Georgia on the grounds of Mac Hodges Hobbies.  This is an early December event.

There are also a number of new Dawn Patrol Events in 2009, so be sure to check our Events page.

We should not forget the Warbirds Over Arkansas event held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on the second weekend in June each year.  For our fearless leader Art Shelton (aka King Arthur), it is his sentimental favorite. It was that very event way back in 2004 when his wife Rhonda and he pulled into Hammer Field, pitched their tent, and experienced for the first time the thrill and excitement of flying actual "dawn patrols".  Although this event is labeled as a 'warbird' event, it is heavily attended by the WW1 crowd!

Thanks for visiting RC Dawn Patrol!

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A Tale of Two Planes". 
The story behind this great picture
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