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This image was captured by Bob Badger, of Indianapolis, on just 
the second flight of these two magnificent birds!

A Tale of Two Planes
By: Art Shelton

It all started with a Ziroli DR1 triplane.  Actually two Ziroli triplanes. Herman  Cholewinski is a long time scale flyer, model designer and a very talented craftsman and model builder.  He built the Ziroli DR1, flew it, and then built and flew his own design DR1 in 1/4 scale. Refining his design, he began construction on a 1/3 scale DR1. 


Meanwhile, my dad, John R. Shelton, Jr., and I collaborated on a Ziroli tripe that we found hanging in a hobby store.  It turned out to be a good flyer. We attended several local fly-ins with it, and met Herman at a charity fly-In at the Indy Southside Club.  He was flying his 1/4 scale tripe. We exchanged complimentary remarks about each other's planes and before you could say  "Anthony Fokker," they were both fired up and flying around the patch in formation. What a gorgeous sight it was!


As time went on, Dad and I sold our tripe and began our search for another project to share.  We discovered that a 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup built by Greg Hahn was available. My dad, envisioning what might be, quickly purchased the Pup.  We went to several local fly-Ins with it and, quite by coincidence, met Herman again at the Diabetes Charity Fly-In sponsored by the Indy Southside Club. His 1/3 scale DR1 had been completed and was early in its shake-down flights.  It was a museum scale airplane, and “beautiful” doesn’t begin to describe it!  Does a 97.5 static score and Pilot's Choice at the Mint Julep  better describe it?  Absolutely! 


We had time to say "Anthony Fokker" a couple of times, but soon, they were both fired up and flying in formation.  What a rush!  The seed was planted.   We didn't know it then, but we had just experienced our first "Mission Oriented Flight".  Over the next 3 years we attended several local fly-Ins and flew the tripe and pup, dog fighting our way to a modeling experience extraordinaire!  These two planes now hang in the reception area of Crew Training International (a business in Memphis , Tennessee ), and are enjoyed by aviators every day! 


(Please click on the images below to see them larger)


pup1.jpg (19095 bytes) tripe1.jpg (14733 bytes) Pup3.jpg (47666 bytes) pup4.jpg (12984 bytes) pup&tripe1.jpg (54205 bytes)
pup&tripe2.jpg (94341 bytes) tripe2.jpg (22666 bytes) pup5.jpg (21985 bytes) pup6.jpg (15804 bytes) tripe4.jpg (18372 bytes)
pilots.jpg (57063 bytes)
L. to R. Art Shelton, Spence Byrum  and Herman Cholewinski

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