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Frequently asked questions

What is "Mission Oriented Flying"?

Is this just for WW1 planes?

What kind of (size, scale, detail, power) WW1 planes can participate in WW1 Mission 
Oriented Flying?

It seems like you are really emphasizing the BIG planes. Is that the main goal?

I'm interested; When/where can I participate?

Are you affiliated with the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous?

Where are you located?


What is "Mission Oriented Flying"?
Definition: Flying a scale model in a manner that replicates the intent of the original aircraft design.  It is a natural for flight demonstration.  Mission Oriented Flying (MOF) is a phrase that was coined to describe this type of R/C flying. The phrase itself says it all. If it's pre-war, display its delicate and graceful flight. If it's a bomber, fly bomb runs. If it's a fighter, then dog fight with it! It's like scale flying without the contest jitters!  Whether it's dog fighting, formation flying or just burning holes in the sky, this can be very rewarding and enjoyable for pilot and spectator alike. 

MOF can apply to any era or type of aircraft. Our objective is to fly large scale models, in a realistic and mission related manner.

Is this just for WW1 planes?
No, not necessarily, although we are emphasizing WW1 aircraft. We include "Vintage" (pre-WW1) aircraft, as well as aircraft from the 1920s. 

What kind of (size, scale, detail, power) WW1 planes can participate?
Any WW1 model can do MOF regardless of scale or level of detail (they all look pretty much the same in the air). Even if it's your first scale effort, get involved! We don't  exclude any size of WW1 model aircraft, park flyers through giant scale models are welcome to participate.  Ideally, similar size aircraft would fly together."

It seems like you are really emphasizing the BIG planes though. 
The 1/3 scale planes simply represent a pinnacle attainable for many fliers, that being said, look for the number of 1/2 scale birds to increase in the near future. Besides, big planes fly better :-). 

I'm interested, when/where can I participate?
We're especially interested in scale fly-ins of course, but not exclusively.  Even if it's simply get together at fly-ins and having a good time flying and talking WW1 warbirds, that's great. Keeping checking with our Events page to see what's coming up and what we've been doing. 

Are you affiliated with the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous?
No, although many of us participate in that bi-annual event.  

Where are you located?
Our core group lives in Central Indiana.  We do most of our flying in the central Indiana area at a number of fields. Some are club fields, some are private fields.