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Our Mission and Goals:

  •  Support & Promote Dawn Patrol Flying Events
  •  Pure Pilot Enjoyment
  •  Demonstrate Mission Oriented Flying
  •  Develop Dawn Patrol Flying In Your Area

In a nutshell, here it is.  If you are interested, then get with your like-minded friends and acquaintances.  Visit one another's flying fields every 2 - 4 weeks (or so) and generate some local interest.  You will likely find more WWI enthusiasts in your area than you thought existed in the whole region.  This is what we did in our area.   What a great time we had meeting new flyers and seeing new flying fields! 

This developed into a core group of modelers who actively support the various Dawn Patrol events which have grown and prospered from our efforts.  Look at each area which now has a Dawn Patrol event.......each one evolved as a direct result of a couple of folks who became motivated and set the wheels in motion in their respective areas.

The result has been that in our area, there are now three major WWW1 Fly-Ins. Hoosier Dawn Patrol, Ohio Dawn Patrol, Western Front Dawn Patrol, plus some smaller but still very enjoyable Dawn Patrol Fly0ins and possibly more to come. While we do not take sole credit for these and other similar events, we cannot help but think we perhaps  'fanned the flames" of WW1 RC enthusiasm a bit. 

That's our story and we're sticking to it.  Now, get out and fly and have fun!

RC Dawn Patrol


Please consider joining the R/C Dawn Patrol's free Yahoo Group, and stay up-to-date with your fellow Dawn Patrol fliers and events!

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