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Past RCDP Home Page Pics (the webmaster's favorites). 

Lew  Weaver's Bristol Scout coming in for a landing with the great Scotland scenery as a back-drop. 
( Lew says the pilot has his head in the cockpit looking for his map).

Chris Poyser's 33% Morane Saulnier Type N

Dave Johnson's 1/3 scale Albatros DIII

Lew Weaver's electric 1/5 scale Albatros C1

Santa's (no, Joe Hanson really) 1/3 Albatros DIII


September 2nd, 2007
L. to R. Greg Emerick, Russ Kuhn and Mike Bealmear pose in front of the full 
scale Bristol M1c replica owned and flown  by the Shuttleworth Collection in England.

Greg Emerick's 1/3 scale Pup at the 2008 Ohio Dawn Patrol

A group of Allied craft from Scott in Central Florida.










Art Shelton's 1/3 scale Fokker E1 closes in for the kill on Billy Thompson's 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup. Picture 
was taken by Rhonda Shelton (Art's wife) at the 2007 Hoosier Dawn Patrol.







Nieuport.jpg picture by mbealmear
Going to toot my own horn here. This is one of my pics form the 2007 Hoosier Dawn Patrol.
Balsa USA's 1/3 scale Nieuport 17 prototype (flown by Billy Thompson).