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2010 Ohio Dawn Patrol
2010 Pekin Dawn Patrol
2009 Ohio Dawn Patrol
2009 Hoosier Dawn Patrol
2009 GWAA Dawn Patrol Rendezvous
OhioDawnPatrol08-217.jpg image by mbealmear

2008 Ohio Dawn Patrol

HDP2008-325.jpg picture by mbealmear 2008 Hoosier Dawn Patrol
three-amigos.jpg picture by mbealmear 2007 UK Trip Slideshow
A selection of some of the pictures taken on my visit to England in September 2007. Museums, air shows, etc. Beware!! There are some non WW1 aircraft and (GASP) Jets.
DSC_1009.jpg picture by mbealmear All Old Warden
Pictures from the Sept. 1, 2007 Pageant Air Display at the Shuttleworth Collection in England. Also pics of the restoration and other hangars.


Photo Album 7

Photo Album 6 

lew albi.jpg (152785 bytes) Photo Album 5


mall show2.jpg (20700 bytes) Photo Album 4


wells dv111.jpg (17174 bytes) Photo Album 3


M Kelly Ansaldo A-1.jpg (26392 bytes) Photo Album 2


Tripe & Pup2.jpg (40198 bytes) Photo Album 1



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