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WW1 R/C flyers are usually found in groups of only two or Three in many clubs. Our intent is to spread the word on WW1 scale flying, and use this site as a means for other WW1 and Vintage R/Cers to find out who else in their "neck of the woods"  is an enthusiast, and be able to get in touch with them.  It's simple and free to join us here on the RC Dawn Patrol. See the instruction below. We hope you'll join us!

Click on Page for photos and more info.

Art Shelton Gerald Rudisail Billy Thompson Brandon Denzer Chalres Thompson
Page 1 Greg Emerick Dan Grondin Danny Hornaday Chuck Baker Bob Shireman
Mike Bealmear Bill White Lou Schmalz Dean Lukover

Dale Johnson Frank Roales Denny Meyer Alan Yendle Daniel Brett
Page 2 William Turnwald Jim Plucinsky Jim Suchy Russ McKenzie
Don Carroll John Cole Boyd Helstrom Larry Cummins

Steve Bennett Jim Stanton Bobby Poston Barry Bowman Stan Durnal
Page 3 Brent Snoddy Dan Schmidt J.D. Concoby Russ Kuhn
Joe Wells Jay Wiley Dale Locander Steve Percifield

Bud Faulkner Lew Weaver Bill Broyles Ben Mize Brian Taylor
Page 4 Fred Junglaus Norm Kaz Mike Marthaler Brad Trent DuWayne Kuenzi
Joe Hanson Dean Dingman Jim Mize Virgil Gonzales Gary Crawford

David Gibson

Jeff Shutic

Scott Lee Jeff Edstrom
Page 5 Del Johnson James Richardson Dick Scott Mike Callahan
Dale Cavin Steve Carter Barry Herthrum

"Pilots" submission info- 
We do require one thing, please send us a picture of you and your WW1 or Vintage plane/s together (even if it's still on the building board).  

Please include:
(as much as you're comfortable with)

  • Name
  • City, State, Country
  • Nick name (if you have one, or use one on the Internet)
  • Two to three lines (okay, 4 or 5) on what you enjoy about WW1 or Vintage R/C
  • R/C Club/s you belong to (and a link to their web site if they have one)
  • Link to your web site (if you have one)
  • Email address 
  • Instant Messenger # or name (ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo) if you have one.

Images and info for the web page should be sent to
If you don't have a digital images, prints (4x6 is fine) can be mailed to:

Mike Bealmear
2990 S 130 W
Columbus, IN 47201

If you send pictures, and you'd like them returned, please include a SSAE. 
FYI- Ink jet prints don't scan well.